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The Heritage Photography Club
in collaboration with
International Council on Monuments and Sites and India Habitat Center

5th Mega Heritage Photo Contest and Exhibition

Theme: Monuments of India

Supported By: Motorola, Photographers of India and Moving Compass

The 5th edition of the Heritage Photo Contest is here. We invite photographs themed 'Monuments of India' and the chosen best photographs will be exhibited in India Habitat Centre for a period of 1 month starting from 1st December 2017 to 31st December 2017, during the International Conference of Heritage & Architecture experts.


Following Participants have cleared the 2 round judgement. A separate mail will be sent shortly to all winning participants with next course of action.

  1. A S Akash
  2. Abbas Amir Jafri
  3. Abhijeet Bawaskar
  4. Abhishek Chorasiya
  5. Abhishek Gupta
  6. Aditya Laad
  7. Allen Thomas
  8. Ameya Karhadkar
  9. Amruth Sm
  10. Anwar Munjewar
  11. Avi Jain
  12. Ayusman Chakraborty
  13. Bade Dashawatar Goplakrishna
  14. Bhavin Makwana
  15. Bipin Christian
  16. Chanakya Verma
  17. Darshan M. Trivedi
  18. Dheeraj Katara
  19. Dhruv Parmar
  20. Dimple Pancholi
  21. Divanshu Agarwal
  22. Divyansh Jain
  23. Ghanshyam Mohanbhai Kahar
  24. Gokulnath
  25. Goswami Dilipgiri Narsinhgiri
  26. Gyana Ranjan Bhol
  27. Harshal Waghmare
  28. Hawin Printo C
  29. Hitesh Jashu Bhai Soanki
  30. Hitesh Salvi
  31. Hitesh Sukhwani
  32. Hrishika Pranjal
  33. Jagdish P Meva
  34. Kalu Bharwad
  35. Khyati Solanki
  36. Kiran Mungekar
  37. Madhu Jagdhish
  38. Madhurm Hedamba
  39. Md. Faisal Khan
  40. Medha Jain
  41. Meghasai Shyam 
  42. Mehak Ahuja
  43. Mirza Tariq Mustafa
  44. Mohammad Saalim Aslam
  45. Mohammad Saquib Aslam
  46. Mohammad Shadan Equbal
  47. Mukul Bathija
  48. Naman Srivastava
  49. Namrata Vedi
  50. Nayanika Singhal
  51. Nirav Mevcha
  52. Pankaj Mishra
  53. Partho Burman
  54. Prafulla Bhosekar
  55. Prakash Pradhan
  56. Prakhar Chaudhary
  57. Prakher Patel
  58. Prashant Kumar Singh
  59. Pulak Saikia
  60. Raj Kumar Jain
  61. Raj Kumar Maurya
  62. Raj Prajapati
  63. Rajat Sharma
  64. Rishav Agarwal 
  65. Rohit Bhagat
  66. Sachin Kavade
  67. Sambamurthy Madeti
  68. Sampada Andankar 
  69. Sanat D. Gandhi
  70. Sandeep Mathur
  71. Sandeep Talukdar
  72. Sanjeev Mathur
  73. Shoaib Mohammad Kirmani
  74. Shreenivas Yenni
  75. Soumitra Sen
  76. Sourabh Gandhi
  77. Subhodip Mukherjee
  78. Swagnik Chatterjee
  79. Taher Hajiwala
  80. Taniya Ganeriwal
  81. Tanya Agarwal
  82. Tripti Shukla
  83. Umang Maheria
  84. Utpal Kanti Deb
  85. Vijay Krishnan
  86. Yash Sampat
  87. Yogeshbhai Shankarbhai Baria

General Rules

  1. Contest is open for all.
  2. Each contestant can submit maximum of 5 photographs.
  3. Photograph must be clicked by the Contestant himself/herself.
  4. Photograph can be only of a monument (Built Heritage) within the present political boundary of Republic of India.
  5. Contestants are free to click the Monument alone, or compose the picture with other living/non-living subjects. In either case, the monumental structure must be visible.
  6. Photograph must not have any watermark.

Submission for Contest

  1. Entries will be submitted for the Contest.
  2. Contest is free and open to all.
  3. Each entry must be of size 8" X 12" at 300 ppi minimum (3600 X 2400 pixels).
  4. Entries must be sent through the channel, provided at the end of this page.
  5. Entries must reach us on or before 31st October, 2017


  1. Curators will shortlist all photographs that adhere to the theme.
  2. Shortlisted photographs will be printed and presented to the Jury for selection.
  3. Esteemed Jury panel shall pick the best pictures for the exhibition at India Habitat Centre.
  4. Result of the judgement will be declared on 10th of November, 2017.
  5. All winning participants will be informed via email or phone.
  6. Decision of the Jury will be final and binding.


  1. Once the winners are announced, each winner will be required to submit the high resolution picture for printing and framing (16" X 24" at 300 ppi).
  2. Winners will be required to pay a sum of Rs. 2800/- which includes all the operational, administrative, promotonal and miscellaneous expenditures.
  3. The Photographer will have full rights over the photograph. Post exhibition, the frame shall be given to the Photographer, along with a certificate from the club.
  4. Should anyone approach us to purchase any of the photograph, she/he will be put in touch with the Photographer directly to close the deal.

Special Occassion

The exhibition is co-inciding with the International Conference of Architects, Conservationists, Archaeologists, Historians and Art Experts.
International Council on Monuments and Sites is a UNESCO supported body, world's largest NGO of it's kind, comprising of experts from across the Globe. Every 3 years, these experts meet for a General Assembly, which is scheduled to happen in Delhi this year. We are honored to partner with ICOMOS-INDIA for this Exhibition and promote the work of our participants in front of 1500 esteemed guests from different countries.
19th ICOMOS General Assembly will be held in India Habitat Centre and India International Centre in second week of December, 2017.

Submitting Entries

Last date for submitting entries was 31st October 2017. No more entries can be accepted. For any communication, please mail to