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Rules and Regulation for DHPC Facebook Page/Group

The following rules and regulations apply to the Facebook Page and Group of Delhi Heritage Photography Club. For the Rules and Terms/Conditions of www.dhpc.in, please click here.
  1. Delhi Heritage Photography Club, popularly known as DHPC is a club of Heritage Lovers
  2. DHPC is a free hobby club, where anyone can join and contribute freely
  3. DHPC welcomes its members to freely contribute any information, link or picture related to any built heritage or monuments from around the globe
  4. DHPC strictly prohibits posting of any Advertisement/offer, which is not related to Heritage or Photography
  5. DHPC prohibits posting of links on wall which promotes any commercial activity. Admins can however allow certain links, if they benefit the group. Any member must take permission from one of the Admins before posting any link promoting an activity that directly/indirectly involves money
  6. DHPC discourages promotion of any personal Facebook Page unless it is dedicated purely to Heritage
  7. DHPC does not encourage any discussion not related to the subject and interest of group (unless with a prior permission of Admins)
  8. We expect everyone to maintain the decorum of the forum and any indecent behaviour against any member of the group will not be tolerated. Such acts will result in immediate expulsion from the group
  9. Admins of the group/page hold the right to delete any post without prior intimation and to remove/ban any member
  10. Admins have the right to change the above rules without and prior intimation

Best Practices

While we all are learned and experienced facebook users, we thought that we can give few tips to those, who just came onboard.
  • Keep something for Future: Do not post more than 3 photos in a day. This will enable other members to view your work in a better way and not irritate them.
  • Let's go somewhere else: Many people try to post link from their other album. This leads to a major problem when privacy settings are set in away, that they don't allow everyone to see everything. It also gives photographer less visibility because a small thumbnail is less clicked/observed than a large size image (uploaded directly on page/group wall). If you wish to take people to your profile/page/album, please upload the picture on group and give a link to your album/page in comments or description
  • Album Misery: Facebook's stupid policy puts your photographs in a deep secret box if you put them in an album in a Group. The picture can come up only when you or someone else likes or comments. FB's tortures do not stop here. When you post in album, unless the user clicks and view the image, the description of the picture does not appear. So please avoid Albums
  • Tell us more: Whenever you upload any picture, you must write a good description telling about the place/pic. A good and creative caption always attracts more likes